Amplification is the ability to amplify the abilities of other beings, whether Descendant, innate or attributed.

Amplification is often a balanced ability, where its users must equilibrate between their amplification strength and the spectrum breadth of abilities with which they can amplify. Most amplification abilities operate across a broad spectrum, though they tend to only slightly amplify the abilities of those around them. Contrarily, some amplifiers decide to specialise in the amplification of specific abilities, allowing them to pour more of their strength into the amplification.

Limitations Edit

As with any other ability, amplifiers are limited by the extent of their focus and concentration. Other limitations include:

  • The spectrum breadth over which their amplification is successful
  • The number of abilities amplified at any one point
  • The type of abilities amplified
  • The range over which their amplification occurs

Application Examples Edit

  • Tactile Amplification - the ability to amplify the ability of another through physical contact
  • Augmentation - the ability to change how an ability operates, usually modifying its effects

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