Death magic is a type of magic, which draws energy from the River of Death. It is unique in that it may only be performed by Deathringers, the Dead, or the Guardians, all of whom have free access to the River.

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The Source of Magic Edit

The River of Death is a dimension in its own right, separated from all other Planes of Existence, and is the carrier of all dead souls from Life to Death.

By its very nature, the River emanates its own unique form of energy, which can be magically drawn upon by any who are able to access the River and return to the Living. Such spells and incantations that draw upon the River's power is called Death magic.

Death magic is at its strongest when cast within the River of Death itself, or when its wielder has recently been within the River. Inversely, it is at its weakest when the caster has not been within the River for a long period of time. If apart from the River for an extended period, the caster may find themselves unable to use Death magic at all.

Applications Edit

Death magic is most prominently used by Deathringers, who use this magic type extensively and in some cases, exclusively. The most well-known use of Death magic is in the Instruments of Death used by Deathringers, which do not operate using conventional vibration to produce their unique tones. Rather these instruments use vibrations that occur as a result of a specific frequency of Death magic, respective to the Spirit of Death from whom the tone draws power from.

Another use for Death magic is in Death runes, which allow whomsoever holds the rune to enter the River of Death, and return, without having to truly die. Those who use a Death rune to access the River however, may find themselves powerless as they are unable to safely pass the Gates of Death if they do not possess any ability to use Death magic.