Detection is the ability to sense any possible future or current Descendant abilities in another being, and be able to innately define/classify these abilities (including its application, usage and strength).

This ability is unique in that its nature may be either psychic or cosmic, or a combination of both. Both forms of detection are used similarly, except that cosmic detection often proves to be incredibly sporadic yet provides much more information with less effort; psychic detection requires more effort to provide less information, but can be used at will.

Limitations Edit

As with any other ability, detection is limited by the user's extent of focus and concentration. Other limitations may include:

  • The range over which the ability is used
  • The nature of the ability being detected
  • Whether the user has an emotional/cosmic attachment to the person within whom the abilities are being detected

Application Examples Edit

  • Sensation - the ability to sense the presence of any abilities within another being, without being able to identify the ability itself
  • Tactile Detection - the ability to identify the abilities of another through physical contact

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