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An extremely rare phenomenon and entirely exclusive to the human race, the Gifted are those born of an "inactive" Descendant bloodline, yet uniquely possess their own Descendant ability.

It is well known that after several generations from its progenitor Guardian, a Descendant bloodline will no longer produce any children who possess Descendant abilities. Nevertheless, all children within these inactive bloodlines still retain remnants of their ancestors' power.

On incredibly rare occasions, a single child born of this inactive bloodline may have their power remnants "ignite" within them, manifesting itself as a single Descendant ability, and rendering this child as Gifted.

Gifted Power Edit

Like with all Descendants, Gifted almost never manifest the same ability as other Gifted. What abilities these Gifted do develop are usually basic abilities, such as simple basic elemental manipulation and basic telepathy.

  • Again, what abilities are gained by a Gifted human are determined by their personality, lineage, and circumstance

Those Gifted usually possess less powerful variations of such basic abilities, and while they possess Descendant abilities, they are not considered a true Descendant. This includes the inability to produce future generations who are also Gifted, and a Gifted person will only ever possess their abilities alone, without any immediate family who will possess Descendant abilities.

It has however been discovered that Guardians are capable of making the abilities of a Gifted person permanent, effectively rendering them a fully-fledged Descendant in their own right, granting them additional abilities and strength, and beginning a new bloodline entirely. Henceforth, a Gifted person becomes a true Descendant, and thus future generations may also manifest their own Descendant abilities, and are considered "potential" once again.