"There have always been 7 of us; forever shall we exist, and for eternity we watch."

The Guardians are the seven near-omnipotent mortal incarnations of the First Children, and the default leaders of the Academy. Part mortal and part cosmic in nature, the Guardians are the sworn protectors of the planet Earth, watching over its inhabitants and ensuring the well-being of the planet as a whole.

The current Guardians are, in alphabetical order: Alexandra, Augustine, Damon, Liana, Liam, Samuel and Savannah. A separate page has been made detailing the current Guardians.

History Edit

The existence of the Guardians began when the First Children first made the decision to become mortal, so as to experience and thus understand humanity. Cosmic as they were, they would not be able to truly connect with the dominant force on the planet they were created to watch over: humanity.

Thus the First Children each gave themselves a mortal life, by binding their very essence to that of a single human child at birth. The child would then become part mortal, yet part cosmic, and would grow as any other human child would, before the Manifestation of their abilities and simultaneously, their identity as the mortal incarnation of a First Child. These children became known as the Guardians.

There have only ever been seven First Children on the planet, a fact that did not change upon their becoming mortal. Thus there have also only ever been seven Guardians at any one point throughout history with each single cosmic essence within a single human child; when a Guardian passes away, they are simply reincarnated as a new person entirely.

The Reincarnation Cycle Edit

At the end of each of their lives, a Guardian's soul becomes separated: their human soul and their cosmic essence. While their human soul enters through the First Gate of Death and travel through Death's River, their cosmic essence instantly binds itself anew to a newborn human child, and so continuing the Guardianship in a new human child.

This binding does not entail the First Child's cosmic essence consuming the human soul, but rather living symbiotically and in complete balance with one another, without either harming the other. Thus, each newborn child is free to grow as any other would, with their own unique circumstances, experiences and personalities that differ from the previous bearer of that Guardian's cosmic essence.

After reincarnation, each Guardian progresses through life similarly to a potential Descendant, though without memories of their past lives until their abilities manifest. During this time, their abilities also remain completely dormant and subconscious until Manifestation occurs.

All Guardians are born as humans and remain so for the duration of their lives, unable to become any other being/creature other than human. Thus, a First Child's essence will not bind to a werewolf child, nor a witch child. Should a Guardian attempt to undergo the transition into a vampire, the process immediately fails at the death stage, where that Guardian does not awaken after death and instead undergoes reincarnation as per any other form of death.

Neutralisation Edit

Should a Guardian befall a mortal fate (such as death by age, injury or disease), they undergo reincarnation as per usual. However, should their fate be by their own hand or that of another Guardian, they become neutralised.

Once neutralised, a Guardian is rendered completely inactive until reawakened by another Guardian, or if all other Guardians have been neutralised as well.

During a period of neutralisation, a Guardian enters an absolute stasis: immune to the ravages of time. This includes an immunity to decomposition, disease, rot, ageing, and any other external interference.

The only exception to this however, is death at a mortal's hand; that is, a neutralised Guardian may only be slain by a completely non-supernatural human being. Any attempt to do so by anyone of any species other than human will kill the being in question, without affecting the neutralised Guardian.

A Guardian's Abilities Edit

Once their abilities manifest, a Guardian is suddenly overwhelmed by a powerful near-omnipotence that they must learn to control within an extremely short period of time, harnessing all their abilities (of which there may be a limitless number thereof); this process can be aided by accessing the memories and experiences of their past lives however. Often the more an ability was learnt within past lives, the easier and/or faster to control that ability would be in the Guardian's current life.

While a Guardian verges on omnipotence, that is, they possess near all abilities known to the Academy within a single being, they are still completely mortal as a result of the First Children's essences binding to a mortal human to experience mortality. Thus they do not possess in any way a form of immortality nor longevity.

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