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Occurring mainly in the human species, the phenomenon of the Sentinels refers to a Descendant capable of emanating energy that can be then absorbed and used by others. While initially, Sentinels only give off a powerful aura of raw energy, over time and/or with vigorous training, they may eventually channel this raw energy into specific types of energy (such as elemental or psychic energy). Though these Sentinels are unable to actually wield this energy for their own, the few Sentinels the world has seen have been long coveted by many of the major leaders who are aware of the supernatural world, and the Sentinels' existence. Even though all Sentinels are also born as Descendants, many do not manifest their own abilities apart from their Sentinel powers, with few exceptions.

The first recorded case of a Sentinel was in ca. 872 B.C., where an Ancient Greek named Athenikka was found capable of granting temporary strength and healing to all those she touched. While for centuries onward, records only show Sentinels among the Greek and Germanic populations, Sentinels have been found across the globe, though generally within the human species.

The Sentinel's Gift Edit

All Sentinels are capable of continuous generation of raw energy, at little detriment to the Sentinel in question (it has been noted that Sentinels seem to posses a shorter lifespan than the average Descendant). Regardless, once a Sentinel manifests their abilities, their metabolism increases drastically to compensate, requiring many Sentinels to consume a far greater amount than the average person.

In most cases, Sentinels are only capable of granting energy to a person or object through tactile contact, though there have been some cases where some Sentinels were capable of provide such energy in a small radius around them, with the largest radius having extended to ~8 meters. Naturally, the longer a Sentinel remains in contact with a person or object they are imparting energy to, the more energy that is given over time.

However, most Sentinels are incapable of increasing or decreasing the rate at which they emanate energy, and are thus incapable of "tuning" the amount of energy granted to another other than to remain in contact with said person/object for as long as required.