Suggestion is the ability to enforce one's will over another.

To current date, suggestion is the ability proven to be most unreliable, as it requires a battle of mental will between its user and its subject, with the user overwhelming the subject in order for the suggestion to be successful.

In most cases, the subject will often be aware of their actions, though they will be unable to resist carrying out the intentions of the suggestion placed upon them.

Limitations Edit

As with any other ability, suggestion requires a strong sense of focus and concentration. Other limitations include:

  • The extent of the suggestion
  • The detail of suggestion
  • The method of suggestion

Application Examples Edit

  • Tactile Suggestion - the ability to enforce one's will over another through tactile contact
  • Compulsion - the ability to enforce one's will over another through direct eye contact, leaving the subject unaware of the compulsion having ever occurred

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