The Seventh Gate of Death borders between Sixth and Seventh Precincts. It is watched over by Orineth, called the "Binder", who ebbs his way through the near-impenetrable darkness, acting as a guiding beacon for all those who his Gate towards the realm of the dead, or suffocating those who attempt to turn back in utter blackness.

The Gate itself is a shroud of complete darkness that merges directly with the almost choking shadow that envelops the Seventh Precinct.

The other Eight Gates are as follows:

Passage through the Gate Edit

Under Orineth's guidance, truly dead souls pass noiselessly through the Gate and onwards through their journey.

Unlike all previous Gates, Death magic is not involved in passing through the Gate. To pass through, a Deathringer must become devoid of all emotion, thought and feeling; they must continue to be emotionally devoid all throughout Seventh Precinct. The Gate acts almost as a predator of sorts, preying upon the fear and griefs of those not truly dead who attempt to pass the Gate.

Failure to become completely emotionless causes the Gate to conjure images as if their fears were reality, choking its victims with an unending grief and misery. In many cases, victims are subjugated to a complete paralysis of terror and become lost to the River for eternity. Freedom is only ever granted by Orineth himself, or by the sounding of his tone by another Deathringer.

A Deathringer's Power Edit

Those who wield a Deathringer's power can sound the tone of Orineth. All souls and Dead who hear the menacing ring of Orineth are given freedom from the shackles of death, or bound completely to the Deathringer's will. An incorrect sounding will instead bind the Deathringer to Orineth himself.

  • Should Orineth himself hear his own tone, he becomes temporarily incapacitated, and if the tone is pure/strong enough, becomes obliged to release a single soul to a Deathringer's custody, though it is Orineth's decision whether to answer the obligation or not

The Seventh Precinct Edit

The Seventh Precinct is covered in a thick shroud of suffocating blackness, almost an extension of the Seventh Gate in its almost predatory nature. The River itself however is completely calm and much shallower; its current runs slower than the previous Precinct as the River leads to the Eighth Precinct.